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How To Import Bricks Template

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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

How to import bricks template in wordpress

Hello everyone. I am back with a brand new tutorial. How to import bricks template in wordpress this tutorial is specially made for our bricks marketplace buyer’s and seller’s

What is Bricks Market Place?

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A Quick Overview Of Bricks

Bricks builder is fast and one of the best and newest WordPress builder. It is new, that’s why some functions were not working perfectly, but after some updates, it will be fixed soon. And the experience of designing the website in bricks is to fast and easy. That’s why it makes one of the best wordpress builder.

Requirement of using Bricks builder. You need a WordPress installed hosting and updated bricks builder.

If you don’t have a bricks builder license, you can purchase it here.

A Quick Overview Of Today’s tutorial

When you purchase a template from the bricks marketplace, you get a zip file of that product, and you need to extract it, and then it will give you a json file of the template. Let’s import it to wordpress

After Purchasing the template from the marketplace, click on add new page and give a title to your page Example: Bricks Hotel Layout

Now enter in the page by clicking Edit With Bricks Builder Option

Now click on my template option

Click on the import option

Select the json file which you purchase from the Bricks Marketplace

After selecting the file, it will automatically add to your template. Then click on the Insert Template option to import the template in your wordpress

Congratulations, your template was successfully imported in your wordpress. If you like today’s bricks tutorial, then don’t forget to subscribe and like thank you so much for reading

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