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How To Make Bricks Container Responsive – Easily

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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

How To Make Bricks Container Responsive – Easily

Hello, today I am here to solve a common problem in Bricks builder. This is a common problem because every web designer wants to make his website responsive and all screens compatible. So I am trying to solve this problem in bricks builder. I hope you liked my step-by-step solution of this problem


A Quick Overview Of Bricks

Bricks builder is fast and one of the best and newest WordPress builder. It is new, that’s why some functions were not working perfectly, but after some updates, it will be fixed soon. And the experience of designing the website in bricks is to fast and easy. That’s why it makes one of the best wordpress builder.

Requirement of using Bricks builder. You need a WordPress installed hosting and updated bricks builder.

If you don’t have a bricks builder license, you can purchase it here.

Let’s take a view of an unresponsive website

This website looks very unprofessional and is not compatible with this screen. I am also facing this problem, but now I have the simplest solution to this big problem. You have to follow few steps to solve this problem. Let’s start today’s tutorial.

1. First of all you have to go to the settings option.

2. After clicking setting option now go to the page setting.

3. Now you are to close to the solution of your problem. Just click on the General option

4. Now you are on the final step of this problem. Go to the Root Container Padding And give 10% padding on the left and right. It creates a 10% gap for your template and helps make your website responsive easily.

Here’s The Final Result

Now here’s the final result. Right now, its looking like a professional website and responsive. I hope you like today’s tutorial. If you like it, please leave feedback in the comments and save our blog for solving bricks glitches and amazing tutorials which can make your client happy. Thank you for reading

Note: This tutorial only works with the bricks & Version

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